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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Turning Point

As part of a grant, our 4th grade received a set of clickers from Turning Point Technologies. If you are unfamiliar with clickers, it is basically a calculator sized response system. It allows you to ask questions at random or in a set of questions and elicit responses from your students that gives you instantaneous feedback. I have had the opportunity to use it in my math class multiple times. It really gives me an idea if students understand key concepts in the chapter. If students fail at a certain type of problem, I know that I need to reteach, review, or clarify how the problem works. This system also saves the data from each student, so potentially you could have students complete assignments or assessments and have their tests graded instantly when they finish the assessment. The limitations of our response system is that students are not allowed to type in answers or numbers to different styled questions. Another limitation is having to build or find all the different question sets that match our curriculum and goals of our students and classroom. Overall, I think this will be another excellent tool for reviewing that the kids can get excited about!

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  1. When I attended Smart Board Training this year, we learned about the clickers and they sound like a wonderful tool for learning games and reviewing material. Have fun!